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If you’re only just getting into essential oils, you can get a sense of overwhelm about essential oils for everyday usage.

I ended up purchasing a kit that had 32 types (check it out here) because I had #fomo (Fear Of Missing Out, for those who don’t speak hashtag slang) and thought I would like to have the most common oils on hand for whatever I needed.

I certainly don’t regret purchasing the Plant Therapy Top 32 Essential Oil Set, but there are definitely some oils that I reach for more than others, based on the needs of myself and my family.

Plant Therapy Top 32 Essential Oil Set

If you don’t want to purchase a kit and then some, I think you’ll find my narrowed down list really helpful.

What essential oils do I reach for most?

#1. Grapefruit Essential Oil

While grapefruit essential oil is not part of the kit I purchased, I love the smell of grapefruit and ended up purchasing this oil in addition to my Top 32 Set. And rightfully so as I consider it my TOP essential oil for everyday use.

Most common use:

I use Grapefruit essential oil in the diffuser, sometimes blended with lime and/or peppermint essential oils to create a fresh environment. Plant Therapy Grapefruit essential oils | Naturally Busy


Grapefruit essential oils are fantastic for uplifting your mood.

Other uses:

Topical. Grapefruit essential oil is fantastic at clearing blemish-prone skin. However, please note that, as with any citrus essential oil, grapefruit can cause photo-sensitivity and therefore follow the directions on the label (regardless of brand) and ensure the correct dilution is used.

#2. Tea Tree Essential Oil

As an Australian, I have used tea tree essential oil for as long as I could remember. Tea Tree may be known as Melaleuca in other countries. It is easy to use tea tree essential oils for everyday use around the home due to its versatility.

Plant Therapy Tea Tree Melaleuca essential oil | Naturally Busy

Most common use:

Topical. I have terrible acne, which has continued into my adult years. When I have a particularly terrible cystic zit on my face, I will add 1 drop of tea tree oil to a pump of my regular moisturiser and use before bedtime.

Tea tree has amazing acne-fighting benefits and I have noticed a decreased lifespan of zits when I use this.

You can also dilute tea tree essential oil with fractionated coconut oil and use as a spot treatment for zits.


Tea Tree essential oil is anti-microbial so it’s fantastic at purifying the air and cleaning.

Other uses:

Tea Tree essential oil is a fantastic addition to cleaning products. It’s an effective mold killer, as well as killing bacteria.

Tea Tree also acts as a natural deodorant so it’s perfect in personal care products.

Tea Tree, due to its antiseptic properties has long been used as a natural treatment for cleaning cuts and wounds.

#3 and 4. Orange and cedarwood essential oils combined

Orange and cedarwood essential oils are a heavenly combination.

Plant Therapy Sweet Orange essential oil | Naturally BusyPlant Therapy Cedarwood essential oil | Naturally Busy

Most common use:

Topical and/or diffused to create a relaxing environment that is conducive to sleep. Mix equal parts in fractionated coconut oil and put in a roller bottle or add equal drops of each to your diffuser in the bedroom.

Why not lavender for sleep?

I love lavender but my husband is not a fan so I had to find an alternative blend that was conducive to sleep.


Both orange and cedarwood essential oils create a relaxing environment that makes getting to sleep easier.

Other uses:

Both orange and cedarwood essential oils can be great additions to skincare. Both of these oils are beneficial to your skin.

Orange essential oil is also a mood uplifter, which is why it makes sleep easier as it relaxes you

#5. Germ Fighter, Thieves or On Guard blends

This blend has a different name depending on which company you use. Essentially, this blend or synergy supports a healthy immune system by destroying airborne bacteria.

I have used Germ Fighter, Thieves and On Guard throughout my oily experience and while I can’t find any difference in effects between the three, I prefer to smell of Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter because I LOVE the strength of the cinnamon. However, my mum prefers On Guard by doTerra because it smells sweeter. So I guess it really comes down personal preference.

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter essential oil | Naturally Busy

Most common use:

I use this blend in my home-made cleaning products to kill bacteria.

It works well as a mold killer so I have it diluted in white vinegar and water to spray in my bathroom.

I also add a couple drops to my mop bucket when I mop my floors to ensure germs are killed, as we have pets that could bring lord know what in from the garden.


This blend is an immune-booster by warding off germs that can make you sick.

Other uses:

Diffuse this blend to get the same effects consistently throughout your household, not just when you clean.

Check out Amazon, Plant Therapy or AliExpress for some glass roller bottles so you can make your blends up.

I also LOVE this diffuser I got from Groupon.

Groupon Essential Oil Diffuser | Naturally Busy

Plant Therapy has a few diffusers to select from but I am yet to try them out.

There you have it. My top 5 essential oils. It was really hard to narrow it down to 5 oils though. Other honorable mentions include Peppermint, Endoflex (a Young Living blend that balances hormones), Lemon and Lavender.

What are your favourites that I didn’t mention?

5 must have essential oils

Top 5 essential oils for everyday use | Naturally Busy
My top 5 essential oils for everyday use | Naturally Busy

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