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You all know (if you don’t yet, you soon will), that I am a massive fan of essential oils. I associate feelings with my sense of smell. Particular smells will elicit memories for me.

So, with Valentines Day coming up, I have decided to round up the best essential oils for romance and connection, because as busy parents, we often forget to make time for their partners.

Here are some of the best oils at promoting romance, connection and, in some cases, enhancing libido (if that’s what you need this Valentines Day).

You may notice that most of these recommendations are from Plant Therapy. This is because I have personally tried this brand and would recommend their products in terms of quality AND affordability. Not every single essential oil is required, I have just listed all the oils that are conducive to a happy, confident environment.

1. Rose

This one is a doozy. It’s VERY expensive, however, it’s extremely potent. A little goes a long way.

According to Michele, an aromatologist over at Michele’s Organics, it takes 10,000 roses to extract enough essential oil to fill a 5mL bottle.

So, which Rose essential oil do you choose? Rose Otto or Rose Absolute?

Rose Absolute is used more in the cosmetics industry due to its more potent smell. However, Rose Otto, where the Rose oil is extracted through steam distillation is said to be more therapeutic, but with a much heavier price tag.

Rose essential oil acts as an aphrodisiac by reducing anxiety and stress (necessary for romance). Rose also boosts blood circulation.  This enhances both male and female feelings of romance and sexuality, making it one of the best essential oils for romance.

Some say the smell of rose essential oil alone is enough to create a romantic environment. Rose induces feelings of sensuality which is enough of an aphrodisiac.

Plant Therapy - Rose Otto | Naturally Busy

Plant Therapy - Rose Absolute | Naturally Busy

2. Jasmine

How many times have you walked past a jasmine plant and felt intoxicated and uplifted by its beautiful aroma?

Jasmine is another luxurious essential oil that works to uplift moods, relieves stress and anxiety. Jasmine also boosts confidence which helps makes it perfect to enhance romance and connections between partners.

Dr. Axe and co-authors Ty Bollinger and Joshua Rubin in their eBook Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine, advise that Jasmine acts as an aphrodisiac by increasing the physical signs of arousal. Signs such as body temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation, which makes it perfect for couples on Valentine’s day!

As with Rose essential oil, Jasmine is expensive, but a little goes a long way, so add a drop or two with either Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and/or Bergamot essential oils, for romance with your partner this Valentine’s day.

As busy parents, self-care is important, as is nurturing the relationship we have with our partners and the daily grind can make us forget the importance of a healthy relationship.

Plant Therapy - Jasmine Absolute | Naturally Busy

3. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is perfect for men as its scent has a woody aroma, rather than a floral aroma.

Sandalwood has long been used to encourage meditative states by relieving tension and relaxing muscles. Sandalwood also helps by clearing the mind and lifting emotions.

Sandalwood is also known for boosting low testosterone levels in men, which help it act as an aphrodisiac if it is required.

4. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang trees originate from Indonesia and spread across the Phillipines and Malaysia. Ylang Ylang is known as an anti-depressant and mood booster.

Fun fact – the Ylang Ylang flower earns its reputation as being a well-known aphrodisiac because its petals are traditionally spread on the bed for a couples’ wedding night.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is known to reduce worries and uplifts moods for both men and women.

Ylang ylang directly affects the olfactory system when inhaled and reduces anxiety and boost self-confidence. This makes it perfect to promote connection between partners.

Plant Therapy - Ylang Ylang Complete- Naturally Busy

5. Orange

I’ve included Orange essential oil on this list because it has exceptional stress-busting and mood-lifting properties, both of which are essential for connection and romance between partners.

Some brands sell Sweet Orange and others sell Wild Orange. According to Naturally Savvy, there is little difference between the two varieties as both varieties contain similar chemical components (and therefore have similar therapeutic benefits), however, Wild Orange essential oil is photo-toxic.

6. Bergamot

Bergamot is renowned for its antidepressant properties, so it was essential (see what I did there?) to include it on my list of essential oils for romance, happiness and connection this Valentine’s Day.

By promoting healthy circulation, bergamot essential oil assists in creating a joyful and refreshing environment. Bergamot is also well known in increasing energy.

7. Black pepper

Some might consider Black Pepper an odd addition to my list of favourite essential oils for romance and connection.

However, Black Pepper has potent circulation boosting, energy lifting and stress-busting properties.

It has a spicy aroma loved by men who may feel that the floral scents on this list are overwhelmingly feminine.

As Black Pepper essential oil relieves muscle tension, it makes a perfect addition, along with rose, sandalwood or geranium, to create a warming massage oil. Who doesn’t love a great massage to help unwind?

8. Geranium Egyptian

Geranium essential oil is particularly beneficial for women’s reproductive health and libido as it balances the hormones, relieving the symptoms of PMS or menopause.

Geranium’s stress-busting properties, as well as it’s hormone balancing properties, make it the perfect addition to this listof best essential oils for romance.

Some refer to geranium as the ‘poor man’s rose oil’ because it’s significantly cheaper than rose oil but smells just as exquisite.

Geranium blends well with rose, sandalwood, jasmine, black pepper and Ylang Ylang.

9. Neroli

Neroli essential oil is derived from orange blossoms of the wild orange tree.

Neroli provides a libido boost, a reduction of blood pressure and is a potent stress reliever. I’ve included it on my list of best essential oils for romance because of its beautiful scent and confidence-boosting properties.

Like Jasmine and Rose essential oils, Neroli can be pricey due to difficulties in extracting the essential oil from the blossoms and the number of blossoms required to produce oil. However, as with Jasmine and Rose, a little goes a long way.

10. Sensual blend by Plant Therapy

Sensual blend is just that… a combination of some of the best oils that promote romance, connection, and confidence.

My friend put me onto this blend when she used it to promote confidence in herself when work was sucking the life out of her love life.

It contains Ylang Ylang Complete, Patchouli, Orange Sweet, Lavender, Sandalwood Australian, Jasmine Absolute.

How do I use these oils to promote connection, confidence and romance between my partner and I?

There are two ways that you can use these oils to create a happy, confident environment.

My favourite is diffusing the oils in my essential oil diffuser. That way, there is an atmosphere creates by the beautiful scents. It’s also a lot less effort.

The other way that you can use these oils is to dilute them in a carrier oil, such as sweet almond or fractionated coconut oil and massage them on yourself or your partner so that the effects of the oil(s) are absorbed through the skin.

Check out the ebook Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine. I pretty much use it as my encyclopedia for essential oils and how to use them.

Don’t forget to download my FREE Essential Oils Printables to help you keep track of the oils you use and how you use them.

The best essential oils for romance infographic

The BEST essential oils for Romance | Naturally Busy
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5 of the best essential oils that encourage love and romance
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