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About Naturally Busy

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About naturally busy

Naturally Busy was started by Rebecca, as a hobby-blog to show other busy parents that it was possible to reject the modern-day conveniences that could be negatively impacting your family’s health, wallet, and the environment.

From here, we’ve expanded into an eCommerce store with affordable products to help you reduce waste, live a sustainable life, without destroying your wallet.

About the blog

The most common perception Rebecca found in my journey as an aspiring ‘natural living’ mum who juggles motherhood with a full-time corporate job, is that ‘busy’ mums often don’t have time to live ‘naturally’ or ‘frugally’.

But all mums are busy, regardless if they work or run the family home.

So naturally, she wanted to show all time-poor mums who want to start living a simpler, natural and more wholesome life, that it is possible. But without making more sacrifices in time.

In a world centred around convenience, it’s hard not to get sucked into the easy and ‘time saving’ way.

If you have a poke around the blog, you will see that with some organisation, natural and simple living IS possible for busy mums and dads, like us.

Naturally Busy is dedicated to helping busy parents (that’s you!) manage the daily grind of raising children, balancing careers, housework, relationships and keeping you sane between it all.

But… without getting sucked into the modern consumer products centred around ‘convenience’ that sacrifice your health or your money.

I’m here to help you… parents that are busy just like me, live a simpler life. What does that look like to you?

For me, living intentionally and naturally means:

  1. Being an engaged and positive parent.
  2. Reducing unnatural items in our home. Especially in our food and personal care products. This means wholesome meals and the products we use to look after ourselves and our family.
  3. Being conscious of how much we spend and what we choose to bring into our home.

Through my Naturally Busy blog, you can learn how to make your life as a busy parent easier.

If you have any questions that I might be able to help you with, or if you just to join my tribe of like-minded parents, reach out and flick me an email, connect with me on social media.


About the shop

As I have experimented with various products to make my life easier while reducing my consumer waste, I have curated a collection of sustainable, low-waste products.

I’ve done this so that time-poor parents don’t need to spend the amount of time I have, searching for these solutions themselves.

To make these collections relevant to the everyday parent, I’ve focused on three main categories of products.

If I don’t have a particular product available, please email me at so I can start searching for reputable suppliers so that we can stock the item.


Zero Waste Home

Products to help you with keeping your house in order without impacting your wallet or the environment.

Personal Care

See our carefully curated collection of products designed to minimise the chemicals you put on your body or into the Earth once you have finished with the product.

Kids & Family

Carefully selected products for your children that don’t destroy the Earth or your wallet.

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