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So you want to use cloth nappies? Good on you!

Using cloth on your baby’s bottom is so much better for the environment and for your family’s wallet! Not to mention all the gross chemicals you’re not putting on your baby’s bottom.

But… using cloth diapers is intimidating.

Gone are the days where cloth nappies were a piece of Terry towelling with a couple of giant pins. I mean, they still exist but there are some very sophisticated modern cloth nappies that exist these days. But that’s a whole separate blog post…or book.

Once you’ve figured out which cloth diaper system works best for you and your family, you might be feeling frazzled as to how you can use your beautiful cloth nappies when you’re out and about.

It’s actually really easy once you know what you’re doing and what you need

Here are my diaper bag essentials for a cloth diaper-clad bub:

1. Spare cloth diapers…. obviously.

It’s not a diaper bag without spare diapers, right? Make sure you have all the components of your cloth diapers when you pack your bag, like spare absorbent liners for pocket style cloth nappies, or the waterproof covers for your prefolds.

2. A large wet bag to store soiled nappies.

Maybe 2 wet bagsif you are out all day.

3. A roll of flushable bamboo liners if you’re using them.

I swear by these to catch the poo and help make less mess. Simply flush them and you’ll have less of a soiled mess to store in your wet bag.

4. Wipes… obviously.

5. Wipes dispenser

If you’re using cloth wipes, a wipes dispenser is essential for your diaper bag.

6. Wipes solution if you’re using cloth wipes that aren’t pre-wet.

Some parents love a special wipes solution, some are happy with a squirt bottle of water.

Find what works for you and stick with it. There’s no need to get overly fancy.

7. A bottom cream that is cloth nappy safe.

You’ll want one that does not contain zinc oxide otherwise it will leave a stain on your beautiful cloth nappies.

Some people are wary of ‘cloth diaper safe’ bottom creams, worried that it won’t effectively help diaper rash, but I never had a problem with diaper rash when I cloth’ed my daughter full time.

8. A small wet bag carrying any cloth nappy accessories you might use (such as nappy pins or snappis or bamboo liner)

There isn’t anything worse than fumbling around in a public changeroom trying to find something, like a diaper fastener or a bamboo liner.

9. Spare change of clothes for bub

This goes for a cloth-clad baby or disposable-clad baby.

While cloth-clad bubs are less likely to experience a poo-splosion (at least in my experience), there are a million and one other reasons why you might need a change of clothing.

And if you have enough room, keep a change for yourself as well (speaking from personal experience when I was on the receiving end of a power-spew out in public).

At the end of the day, packing a diaper bag for a cloth-clad bub isn’t that much different to packing a bag for a disposable clad bub.

Here’s a checklist of everything you NEED for your diaper bag with a cloth diaper’ed baby.

9 Cloth Diaper Essentials for your Diaper Bag


Packing the essentials for a cloth diaper'ed baby's diaper bag

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